17 best pieces of merchandise from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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Could you please take a look at some cool products from the Olympics? We still go crazy for games and want to represent with more than the official stuff and the same Ralph Lauren shirt again. There must be some cool stuff there!

You are right. Finding cool products for the Olympics is no easy task. With Nike and Ralph Lauren the official equipment suppliers of the Games, they dominate the space. While some of them are classic and get the point across (and official merchandise has that collectibles appeal), there are other places to look if that’s not quite your style. Pro Tip: Researching the sport you’re most eager to watch or athlete you’re looking for is one way to find unique items. When it comes to generic Olympic gear, we’ve rounded up the best of official, traditional and unexpected merchandise. The Games don’t officially start until July 23, so we expect even cooler things to hit the market in the coming weeks, but the list below will get you started in the right direction.

[Editor’s Note: Some of this gear still reflects the 2020 date, as the official name of the Games is Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, despite its being postponed to 2021.]

2020 USA Summer Olympics Surf Big Wave T-Shirt

I know you said you weren’t interested in official merch, but trust us, some of them are worth checking out. This USA Surf Team t-shirt takes a step back from the traditional red, white and blue color scheme and adds some pops of yellow and pink. It is obviously not an Olympic product until you see the rings and the American flag on the shoulder. If you love to collect, not only is this jersey from the official team store, but it also commemorates the first year that surfing will be a sport at the Olympics, making it a special buy.

USA Skateboard Checkers Skateboard T-shirt

Skateboarding is also making its Olympic debut this year, and the product is definitely cool enough to mark the occasion. This T-shirt has an 80s font and a checkered background. This is something that you will want to wear well after the Olympics are over.

Polo Ralph Lauren x Team USA Team USA ECOFAST â„¢ Pure Jersey T-shirt

Photo: retailer

Ralph Lauren stuff can get a little cheesy, but among polo shirts and American flag designs, there are a few things that look slightly cooler. This tee incorporates a bit of everything: you have the official US Olympic team logo on the sleeve and the Stars and Stripes shield for a little Americana, but Tokyo in big letters and moving athletes take center stage here. the scene.

Nike Air Max 97

Photo: retailer

Nike has a number of things in the team shop, but for something Nike that’s a little less on the nose, these red, white, and blue Air Maxes are more than just a patriotic colorway. According to the description, the 97s were inspired by Japanese bullet trains and the American colourway makes them perfect for cheering on Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics.

Ben Sherman Men's Team GB Union Stripe Knit Polo Shirt

Photo: retailer

Ben Sherman is one of the official supporters of Team Great Britain, but his product is too fancy not to be included. Fortunately, it has the same colors as the United States, so until you get any of the items with the Union Jack emblem on it, no one will know you’re a traitor. This knit polo shirt is particularly attractive and can take you straight from work to an Olympic party. This is perfect if your main goal is to look patriotic without too many loaded graphics.

Ben Sherman Team GB Stamp Edition Men's Graphic T-Shirt

If you don’t mind a graphic t-shirt, this Tokyo stamp design is quite interesting. If you are cheering on the home team, don’t let people get close enough to see “Team GB” hiding in the print.

Rowing Blazers Japan 1932 Authentic Heavyweight Rugby

Rowing Blazers is the official clothing supplier for the US rowing and rugby teams, so the brand has an official collection of Olympic merchandise, but we think this rugby from their regular collection is even cooler for the Games. You can pay homage to the host country with this vintage rugby featuring Japan’s national rugby team, the Cherry Blossoms.

MADMARS Olympic skateboard t-shirt

Photo: retailer

This tee is a manual affair on the front, a party on the back. The front simply reads “Skateboard”, while the back has this new graphic. In addition to an abstract skateboarder, there are the Olympic rings, and “Tokyo 2020” is crossed out to reflect the postponed date of 2021.

SC Canty Print Short Sleeve Shirt Summer Capsule Print

Photo: retailer

Saturdays NYC has a few pieces in what the brand calls its “summer capsule print,” which looks a lot like deconstructed Olympic rings. This shirt featuring athletes and the rings pretty much confirms this as its version of the Olympic product, but in its cool downtown style.

Miller Standard SC Midnight T-Shirt
Timothy SC Midnight Swim Shorts

If you want to let people guess a bit, Saturdays NYC also put the print (minus the athletes) on one of its standard logo tees and these swimsuits.

Little Words Project Team USA Stretch Bracelet

If a large T-shirt is too much, there are more subtle ways to show your support. This bracelet of red, white and blue pearls with the inscription “USA” is easy to put on with any outfit. Unlike real clothing that you have to wash every day, you can wear this bracelet every Games day.

Team United States 2021 Olympics tie bar

If your night before the Olympics has a more formal dress code, there’s this tie bar. It features an enameled flag and the Olympic rings, but it’s not too flashy or obnoxious.

Old Navy Team USA Men's Crewneck T-Shirt

Photo: retailer

Old Navy is pretty reliable when it comes to patriotic gear, so it’s no surprise that they have a whole Team USA lineup. While most are unsurprisingly basic, the graphic on the back of this t-shirt is far from boring. Shaped like a skateboard, you have the Japanese flag, the American flag, the Olympic rings and the top of a mountain.

Eleven Jewelery Olympic Necklace in 925 Silver

Photo: retailer

If you want to go the route home, there are plenty of options on Etsy. This gold plated necklace is one of the most beautiful of them. Similar to the bracelet above, you can put it on and represent the Olympics throughout.

Speedo Bonus Stage Unisex T-Shirt

Photo: retailer

Speedo’s Swimming Trials swimwear collection includes many patriotic swimsuits and accessories. It’s not all screaming at the Olympics, but this tee has a nice balance. Waves and “Tokyo” in a vintage video game style font are perfect for cheering surfers on at this year’s Games.

Sha'Carri Richardson USA Track and Field T-Shirt

If your favorite future Olympian won’t be in the games this time, you can always get something that shows your support.

Essence of Pitera Special Edition SK-II, Red 7.7 oz

Your skincare routine probably doesn’t need an overhaul for the Olympics, but if you’re truly dedicated, it can’t hurt. For the Games, you can redeem the SK-II Pitera essences in their special edition Olympic packaging. The Japanese cosmetics brand has designed a new bottle that is pretty enough to be used as a decoration for your watch party.

Hello Kitty Olympic Gymnast, 6-in

Every team needs a mascot, right? This Hello Kitty plush gymnast is ready to cheer on Team USA by your side.

Skims for the United States team

Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand, Foam, designs the official US team underwear, loungewear and pajamas for the Tokyo Games, and a limited edition collection will be available for the less athletic among us. Based on how it looks so far, it will showcase some of Skims’ iconic styles with the Olympic branding. There is no public launch date for the collection, but with the Games starting in a few weeks, we’re probably not far off. You can register here for updates.

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